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10 Tested Ways to Get Rid of Your Irritating Boyfriend

For an irritating boyfriend-free life follow these time-tested formula and you’ll be surprised to see how easy and relatively straighforward dumping an irritating ‘attachment’ can actually be!

1:) Wear an incredibly small thong and keep pulling it out of your crack and tell him that you are just recovering from a yeast infection.

2:) Do not wax for ages and wear a sleeveless top on your date.

3:) Talk about your exes, give him all the intricate details.

4:) Tell him about your intimate relationship with your pet and how he reminds you of him.

5:) Keep talking about his best friend’s butt, which is so round and delicious.

6:) Do not wash your hair for atleast three weeks and keep scratching your head.

7:) Chew with your mouth wide open and make sure that most of your food falls on your date’s hands.

8:) Burping and farting regularly are also sure-fire ways to increase the distance.

9:) Pretend to be a perfectionist, guys hate extra-perfect girls.

10:) If all else fails, the best way of course, “it’s not you, it’s just me!”

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11. Suggest marriage