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10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Fat Girl

I'm tired of seeing really ugly thin women with nice looking guys. What about cute fat girls? Wouldn't you rather be with a pretty girl? You can work on the fat, but you can't work with ugly...

1. If you take the fat away from the fat girl, she'll be fucking smoking;you take the skinny from the skinny chick...she'll still look like an ugly ass horse.

2. You might not be able to pick her up, but she can PICK you up.

3. No more blankets.

4. Larger mouth capacity.

5. She'll let you eat beef--she'll probably eat most of it.

6. This is cliche, but "more cushion for the pushin".

7. She's probably an emotional wreck, so if you show her the least bit attention, she'll be at your beck and call.

8. Bear hugs.

9. Let me repeat, larger mouth capacity.

10. Economy size. More is Better. Bigger is better.

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Anonymous said...

you must be a fatty cuz those were all terrible reasons

Anonymous said...

nice.. girl

Anonymous said...

you know, when overweight people become overweight, their mouth doesn't just magically expand in proportion to the fat they put on. they still have a normal size mouth, just more fat on their bodies. they aren't just like giant people. otherwise they'd have massive eyes and ears and noses and everything. they are just normal size people with more fat on their bodies.