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Stolen: 60 empty beer cans !

Florida – Maybe he collects empty cans of Milwaukee’s Best. Or maybe he’s really committed to recycling.

Whatever the reason, Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies say Dennis Sevon stole about 60 empty beer cans from a man’s shed.

On Sunday morning, twin brothers Richard and Robert Epley called deputies to report that someone had burglarized a detached shed at Richard Epley’s house on the 15,000 block of Moss Street.

Robert Epley said the man had taken a bag of empty aluminum beer cans from a barrel in front of the shed.

Epley told deputies that he always put empty cans of Milwaukee’s Best and Natural Light in the barrel. When the drum filled up, Epley would take it to Patriot Metals – a nearby metal recycling center – to redeem about $50 to recycle the cans.

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Deputies contacted Sevon, who admitted he didn’t have permission to be on Epley’s property but “felt the cans would not be missed.”

Sevon was cited for petty theft.

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