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Celebrity Update --- 25th Feb

1.Dakota Fanning Is Getting Old

The adorably annoying child star, who turned 14 on Saturday, was snapped at LAX this weekend wearing a trend almost as old as she is -- Ugg boots!
2.Notable Quotes From Sunday's Oscars
Quotes from Sunday night's 80th annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles:

"I don't have a lot to add to what I said earlier. Thanks." -- Ethan Coen, winning the best director Oscar along with his brother, Joel Coen, for "No Country for Old Men." They had earlier won the adapted screenplay Oscar for the film.

3.Rehabbin' It Up With Kirsten Dunst

What's a girl to do when she needs a little break from the Cirque Lodge in Utah? Why, make a trip to Target of course!

4.2007's Worst: Murphy, Lohan Rule Razzies
A year after his Academy Awards dream went up in smoke, Eddie Murphy has not just one consolation prize, but three: Razzie Awards as worst actor, supporting actor and supporting actress for the comedy 'Norbit.'

5.Aaron Carter Arrested

Aaron Carter was busted by police for drug possession midday yesterday.I would be lying if I said I didn’t see this one coming. ‘Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter’s little brother Aaron Carter was busted with more than two ounces of marijuana and is currently in the slammer.

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