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What you should know about Sushi !!

If you are a sushi lover and thought that the freshest sushi was made in
the soonest possible time after the fish is caught, this will be a big
surprise -- good sushi are made from fish which is at least a few days

Fresh fish is delicious if you just caught some trout and cooked it over
the campfire with some lemon and butter. But try to eat the same fresh
fish raw, and you're likely to be disappointed.

The reason for this, according to Corson, is that the enzymes in fish
flesh start to break down the muscle once a fish dies. And that
breakdown actually creates smaller molecules that are detectable as
flavorful by the human tongue.

Most of the sashimi that we eat in restaurants has been flash frozen
using liquid nitrogen. This process kills many of the germs and worms
that can develop in fish flesh, but doesn't cause any physical
deterioration of the meat.

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