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Stop Eating One Bite Meals

You have just finished a sumptuous lunch and soon after that someone at home calls for a pizza. You just love pizzas but you decide not to overeat and take just one or two bites to satisfy your taste buds. Well, satisfying your taste bud would almost cost you an addition of 80-100 calories to your imaginary nutritionally perfect diet.
You feel you are following the perfect diet to lose weight but you tend to eat a piece of this and a bite of that and unknowingly you are consuming way more than your diet suggests.
Here is a list of the one bite meals that could be ruining your diet.

Breakfast Continues Till Lunch

A dietician has asked you to eat a heavy but healthy breakfast and you religiously eat the right portion of fruits, juices, oats,wheat bread etc.
But then follow the mid-morning hours where you land up eating the deadly bites.
For Example - You start feeling hungry 2 hours after your breakfast but you don't want to eat between meals so you eat one bite of the leftover Pedha, two to three potato chips, half a Gulab Jamun or something fatty.
You are quenching your craving not your hunger. You will still stay hungry and the junk will lead to acidity, so instead you could eat a fruit that you like.

Afternoon Boredom Phase

Afternoons at work or at home is when the futile hunger attacks you and you just want to binge on something fatty.
The most common one bite blunders that you are likely to indulge in the afternoon are Chewda and its varieties, Sev, chocolate, few potato finger chips etc, one cream biscuit, one French fry, one piece of chocolate, half a cutlet etc.
Quit having these and drink Lassi, skimmed milk, or juice.

It's Evening, I need to Snack

You must eat a healthy evening snack instead of popping junk all evening till dinner.
Have one evening snack and finish it off, don't keep munching until dinner.

Dining till Midnight

An early dinner makes you hungry again by 11 in the night.
While watching television you land up taking the bite of that left over chocolate cake or the Malai Sandwich.
Eating sweets at night is very fattening because you don't burn it.
Instead the calorie full sweet, eat yogurt or fruit salad with low fat yoghurt. This will keep you full and quench the craving.

A Check List

Food ---Calories
1 Pedha (the regular size milk Pedha) 110
1 cream biscuit 50-60
1 piece of chocolate cake 100-120
10 potato finger chips 150
2 handfuls of potato chips (20 grams) 110
8 pieces of potato Bhajjiya 370

"6 to 7 small healthy meals a day will keep you going throughout the day because your body will constantly be provided with energy" says Dilip Heble, fitness consultant for Fitness Trends gym.

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