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Passenger Accused Of Making Indecent Proposal

JACKSONVILLE Witnesses said a passenger aboard a Southwest flight to South Florida groped and fondled a male flight attendant and then carried another passenger's child through the plane. He was arrested Tuesday morning by federal air marshals charged with interfering with a flight crew at Jacksonville International Airport, according to the Florida Times-Union.

John Michael Moody II, 43, co-owner of a Broward County title company, was on a flight which originated in Indianapolis to Fort Lauderdale. The charge carries a maximum 20-year sentence and $250,000 fine.

A U.S. magistrate set bail at $10,000, and required a $2,000 deposit before Moody could be released.

According to an arrest affidavit filed in court, according to the newspaper, the incident began in Indianapolis when Moody boarded the flight and asked, "Where is the gay section?" He and three friends then proceeded to the back of the plane, according to the newspaper, and began drinking heavily.

A flight attendant said Moody made repeated sexual advances toward him, and verbally abused him. Later, the newspaper quoted court documents, Moody grabbed a child and proceeded to carry him up and down the aisle.

A pretrial services report revealed that Moody is an attorney, and was in grief counseling following the recent death of his sister and that he declared bankruptcy in 1992. He owns a $685,000 home in Broward County.

The magistrate scheduled a preliminary hearing June 20th.

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