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Man, 76, convicted in Lend-a-Hand attack

DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) An elderly man was convicted Wednesday of trying to kill his 81-year-old neighbor with a hammer. Richard Edison Johnson, 76, faces a mandatory 25-year prison sentence after a jury took less than an hour to find him guilty of attempted murder and willful injury. He was accused of striking Elizabeth Alwine on March 5, hospitalizing her with serious head injuries.

Both were residents of Lend-a-Hand, a home for elderly and handicapped people in Davenport.

Prosecutors said Johnson attacked Alwine after she refused to give him any money and demanded that he repay $200 he borrowed from her sister.

Johnson testified he was leaving Alwine's apartment when he felt a sting on his finger and realized she had cut him. Johnson said Alwine grabbed at the hammer and hit herself in the head with it while trying to hit him.

Alwine was treated and released from a Davenport hospital after getting 19 stitches.

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