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English to Punjabi.. Funny translations!

English Poem:

'Pussy cat Pussy cat, where have you been?'
'I have been to London to see the Queen'

'Pussy cat Pussy cat what did you there?'
'I frightened a little mouse under the chair!'

Punjabi Translation:

'Mano Billi, Mano Billi, kithe gai si?'
'Rani Ji nu milan main vilayat gai si'

'Ki chan chareya tu othe ja ke?'
'Ghar wapis aa gai main chuhe kha ke!'


English Poem:

'Baa Baa Black sheep have you any wool?'
'Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full

One for the master, one for the dame, And one for the
little boy who lives down the lane.'

Punjabi Translation:

'Kali Bhed, Kali Bhed, hai kucch unn?'
'Haan bhai,Haan bhai, Tin pandan gin, Ek tere waste,

ek teri woti lai Ek us
munde lai jehra khara raste'.


English Poem:

Humphty Dumphty sat on a wall,
Humphty Dumphty had a great fall,

All the kings' horses, all the kings' men Couldn't put
Humphty Dumphty together again

Punjabi Translation:

Baba Karnail Singh baitha si Dukaan te'
Baba Karnail Singh diggya dhadam se, Pind de log phir

aa ke kehan lagge,
Baba Karnail Singh te gaya hun kaam se.

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