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Chief priest looking for suitable successor! PG

The old chief priest in the remote monastery was sickly and dying, and the time had come for him to choose among the other priests, the one most suitable to succeed him.
He called all of them togehter one day and announced that he had devised an ingenious plan to determine the holiest among them. He then gave out to each of the priests a small drum and asked that they tied it around their waists. Having done so, they stood in a semi circle while the cheif priest clapped his hands. Immediately, from hehind the curtains came a bevy of flimsily clad dancers who began to perform the most provocative routine in front of the shocked priests. As the tempo increased, there were drumming sounds coming from the waists of all but one priest.
Approaching this particular priest, the chief priest announced that he had found his successor, at the same time admonishing the rest of the herd for their lack of sanctity. Calling this priest to face the crowd, he lifted his attire but, horror of horrors, he discovered that the drum had broken through!

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