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Boasting In The Bar {18+}

A Frenchman, an American and an Australian were in a bar.

The Frenchman says "My name's is Pierre, I come from Paris and I have a swimming pool so big that I need a motor boat to travel from one end to the other!"

The American says "My name's Chuck, I come from Dallas and I have a ranch so big that it takes me two days to drive around it !"

The Australian says "My names Bruce, I come from Sydney and I've got an 18" penis !"

The Frenchman and the American look at each other and then the Frenchman says "OK. OK. I lied. My pool is really just Olympic size."

The American says "Yeah, well, I lied too. My ranch really isn't all that big."

The Australian says "Ok. I admit that I lied as well. I really come from Adelaide !"

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