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Valet Crashes Car Into Hospital, Hits Car's Owner!

PENSACOLA, FL (AP) -- A valet accidentally drove an amputee's specially equipped car through a Pensacola hospital's front entrance, knocking the car's owner from his wheelchair.

Police say Adrian Young was bringing the car back to its owner, Harold Towne, yesterday when he apparently confused the car's special gas pedal for the brake. Young was attempting to come to a stop at the building's entrance but pressed the wrong pedal, and the car accelerated.

Police say Young swerved to avoid a vehicle and went through a set of outer doors. The car then struck Towne's wheelchair and went through another set of doors and into the lobby. Towne was treated and released from Baptist Hospital's emergency room after the accident. Young was cited for careless driving.

The hospital entrance was heavily damaged, with glass everywhere. There was no damage to the car, other than a small dent.

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