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Celebrity Update --- 26th Feb

1. Brangelina avoid Jennifer Aniston at Oscars.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie avoided an embarrassing Oscar meeting with Jennifer Aniston by pulling out of a party they were all set to attend.

2. Know about Angelina Jolie's non-angelic past.
It’s no secret that Angelina Jolie was a teensy bit crazy before she started adopting soccer teams and shacking up with Brad Pitt. She’s admitted to pretty much every trick in the book, so why this story is just now coming out is beyond us. It is supposed to be shocking?

3. Oscars TV ratings at all time low.

This year's Oscars ceremony has been snubbed by millions of viewers, with figures showing it attracted the lowest TV audience since 1974.

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4. Abdul refutes Cowell gay rumors.
Singer-turned-television presenter Paula Abdul has slammed critics for branding music mogul Simon Cowell gay, claiming he is just "comfortable in his own skin."

5. HBO Launches YouTube Channel To Help Boost Sluggish "In Treatment" Ratings
Critics like "In Treatment," HBO's psychotherapy serial, but viewers don't. It's one of the lowest-rated original series HBO has ever aired. HBO's mantra is that it cares about subscribers, not ratings, but that doesn't work if no one's watching.

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