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Woman Killed by Her Own Pet Dog

A 1-year-old dog turned on its owner, killing her with bites to her throat and arm, authorities said.

Phyllis G. Carroll, 63, bled to death after being mauled by one of her two black chow mix dogs Sunday, said Fayette County Coroner Joe Todd.

Carroll kept the dogs, a male and female from the same litter, in the yard behind her home. There were no witnesses, but Todd said authorities believed it was the male, the larger of the two, that attacked Carroll.

Friends said Carroll had become increasingly afraid of the aggressive dogs, Todd said.

'In 34 years of investigating deaths I have never, ever had a vicious animal attack that resulted in the death of the victim,' he said.

Both animals will be destroyed at the request of the victim's family, he said.

Connersville is about 45 miles east of Indianapolis.

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