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The funnies-strangest names you ever heard!!

* Proud parents called their 1st born (daughter) Jenna. Nice isnt it? Her middle name is Tahlia (a very common name now-a-days). Say it together. Jenna Tahlia! Apparently the father is a doctor too. lol Poor kid
* Parents named their son Huon, their surname is Pine. Huon Pine is actually a tree!
* Mr & Mrs Church, very religious couple named their son Christian (Christian Church)
* Parents named their Son Richard. Thats fine, but the surnam is Head. We all know Richards are often called "Dick"...
* Extra proud parents named their son Ben. Thats fine, but not if your surname is Dover. Ben Dover
* Creative parents named their daughter Crystal Shanda. Their surname is Lear. Crystal Shanda Lear. Oh dear
* Mr & Mrs Tickle, named their daughter, Tess. hmmm Tess Tickle
* Mr & Mrs Drinkwater named their daughter Crystal Clare.
* Mr & Mrs Kerr, very proud of their son, named him Wayne. Wayne Kerr! lol
* Mr & Mrs Face called their cute adorable son Richard. hmmm Richard Face..Dick Face?
* Mr & Mrs Small also named their son Richard....he was called Dick Small..
* A Girl was named Sandy Waters. She was often called "Mud"
* A couple was introduced to the doctor who will perform the circumsicion on their son. He was Dr Docker
* Mr & Mrs Turner, named their daughter Paige.

The one below is for Indians!!

For those not knowing Hindi.. Banchhod/Bhenchod is Hindi for Sister f*cker!!!!

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