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Diference Between Women With Small and Large Breasts


..can get a taxi on the worst days

..have a neat place to carry spare change

..have always been the centre of the arts (art)

..make jogging a spectator sport (a personal favourite of mine)

..can keep a magazine dry while laying in the tub

..have more negotiating power (with men shorter than them)

..usually can find leftover popcorn after a movie

..can always carry a little extra

..always float better

..know where to look first for lost earrings

..rarely lack for a slow dance partner

..have a place to set their glasses when sitting in an armless recliner


..don't cause a traffic accident every time they bend over in public

..always look younger

..find that dribbled food makes it to the napkin on their lap

..can always see their toes and shoes

..can sleep on their stomachs

..have no trouble sliding behind the wheel of small cars

..know that people can read the entire message on their t-shirts

..know that everything more than a handful is wasted

..can come late to a theatre and not disrupt an entire aisle

..can take aerobic class without running the risk of knocking themselves out.

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