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Crying Keeps the Doctor Away

Are you known for your crying bouts? Do people call you a kid, since you cry if you are yelled at or even while you are watching a sentimental movie?Women are known to be more emotional as compared to men and they get hurt or offended more easily. Men are more worried about their ego and image, which enables them to hold back their tears. They find crying feminine and embarrassing.
But psychologists and doctors say that crying is healthy and recommend that people should cry whenever they feel like.

Vent Your Emotions

Think of yourself as a balloon. If you go on blowing a balloon, then it will burst at some point of time.
Your feelings are like air. The more you suppress your emotions, the worse you will feel and you are bound to explode some day. Suppressing your feelings will affect the quality of your life. Not crying can stifle, and in a way, paralyse you.
Crying is all about cleansing your mind and it is considered very healthy. It helps you release stress and gives you a relaxed feeling.

What If I Don't Cry?

If you do not cry, it could have very adverse effects on your health. The stress is likely to build on.
Too much stress can lead to high blood pressure, which in turn can cause heart attacks.
Apart from the physiological problems, you may have mental issues like a feeling of loneliness, depression and inability to cope with stress.
Everyone can cry. Dr. Jagdish Shah, psychologist, Shah Hospital says, "It is just that, in some of us, ego comes in the way. You may feel embarrassed to cry and control your tears. On the other hand, some people have a very positive frame of mind and simply refuse to cry."

How Much is Too Much?

There is no recommended amount on how much or how often to cry. However, it is alright to let go, as and when you feel low, scared or anxious. Once you do that, you are sure to feel relaxed.
Excessive crying could be a sign of a problem. For instance, if you have failed a job interview and you cry over it for five days, then it is considered excessive.
In such cases, support from family and friends will help. Talking it out will help you vent and see the situation in a practical light.
Once you realise this, you will stop wallowing and be able to start anew.
If this does not work, then consult a psychologist for counselling sessions.
So, the next time you are sad, feel free to cry it loud.
(With inputs from: Dr. Jagdish Shah, psychologist from Shah Hospital and Dr. Shalini Suralkar, physician from Hiranandani Hospital)

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