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Dog helps rescuers find elderly owner!

TOKYO (AP) A dog helped rescuers find her 88-year-old owner, who went missing the day before in southern Japan, police said Tuesday. The pilot of a police helicopter searching for the missing man spotted the dog in an orange field about a half mile away, leading to his rescue Monday, said Uwajima police spokesman Takatoshi Hirokawa.

The 88-year-old farmer was missing since Sunday evening after going to another orange field with his 11-year-old female dog, named "Maru," Hirokawa said.

The man, whose name could not be disclosed at his relatives' request, strayed away after falling down while cutting weeds, he said.

"If his dog wasn't there, the helicopter wouldn't have been unable to find him," Hirokawa said.

The man was weak and had bruises on the head and back when discovered. He was being treated at a nearby hospital.

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