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Split Ends: Causes, Cure and Prevention

Causes of Split EndsSplit ends will happen to almost anyone who goes too long between trims, but are more likely to develop in dry or brittle hair, and typical causes of damage include vigorous brushing, brushing hair when it is still wet, coloring and perming which make hair weak, and heat appliances. The intense heat causes a strand of hair to crack at the tip and split vertically up the shaft, thereby getting the name “split ends”.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends
Unfortunately, once your ends have started to split, the split can extend up the shaft unless you take action. The best treatment is to cut off the split end of the damaged fiber.

Preventing Split Ends
To help prevent split ends, treat your hair as you would fine fabric.

* Use shampoos and conditioners containing hair thickeners.
* Squeeze the water from the hair with an absorbent towel. Rubbing the hair can cause wear to the cuticle.
* Gently comb tangles from wet hair with a large-toothed comb, never a brush. Wet hair will stretch and snap easily.
* If your hair is still hard to comb out, try a leave-in conditioner such as L C Legacy Shine & Protect.
* Strive for low-maintenance hair. Hair dryers, curling irons, perms and hair colors all damage hair. If you must blow-dry, use a cool setting and keep the dryer 6 inches from your hair.
* Get a trim every six weeks.

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