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Robbery Suspects Leave Personal Info At Scene

(CBS) CHICAGO Police in a Chicago suburb say they were able to track down three suspects in an Easter morning home invasion after one of the men used a statement full of personal information to wedge open a door while they ransacked the home.

WCBS 2 in Chicago reports that a 24-year-old man and his girlfriend were robbed and bound at gunpoint around 3 a.m. Sunday as they were returning to their condominium in Highland Park.

Highland Park Police Cmdr. Dave Schwarz said two men wearing ski masks -- later identified as Antoine Howard and Mikhail Metelskiy -- waited for the victims in the staircase of the condo. Once they returned to the building, they were led into the home, forced to the floor, and tied up with clear packaging tape.

The two men were in the home for a few minutes, during which time they took a cell phone, jewelry, a keyboard and computer equipment. They made several trips up and down the steps to get the items into a car, Schwarz said.

After they left, the male victim was able to get up and run to a balcony, where he saw the men drive away in a black Acura.

During an investigation, police found that one of the suspects wedged a bill that contained his name and address in the door. The piece of paper led them to 1937 Green Lane in Palatine, where Howard and Metelskiy lived, Schwarz said. Inside the home police found items taken from the Highland Park home.

A third suspect, Machell Thompson of Glenview, was later accused of organizing the robbery.

Schwarz said the attackers knew the victims, but he could not say if they have a bad history with each other.

"This was not random," Schwarz said. "They were targeted for this."

The three suspects were charged with home invasion, aggravated robbery and unlawful restraint. Each is being held in the Lake County Jail on varying bond amounts, from $1 million to $2 million.

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