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Peeping Tom Flees Scene, Leaves Ladder!

(AP) BARABOO, Wis. A Peeping Tom seen peering into a second-floor window of a man's apartment fled before the could catch him, but he left a key piece of evidence behind - his ladder.

Matt Edgerton, 24, said he and a date were at home March 24 when he noticed a shadow move across his bedroom window and went to investigate. When he pulled back the curtain, he was face-to-face with a middle-aged man peering in.

"My nose was actually touching the window and it was like, boom! His face was right there," Edgerton said. "It was like a horror movie."

Police Lt. Rob Sinden, who is heading the investigation, said: "The ladder is absolutely in our custody."

Edgerton said the man seemed just as surprised as he when the curtain was pulled open and scrambled down the ladder. Edgerton ran outside, but the man was gone so he called police.

"I tried opening my window to push the ladder over but I couldn't get it open," he said.

Sinden declined to give more details because the investigation is ongoing.

"We have had similar instances in the past, but I cannot say we've ever had an individual use a ladder," he said. "That's an individual who is working very diligently at peeking."

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