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Man Giving Away House for free !

BELLEVUE, Ohio (AP) -- There's a man in Ohio who wants to give away his house.

But there is one big catch.

It's in Bellevue, about 45 miles southeast of Toledo, and whoever takes it will have to get it out of there.

Mike Bassett's house is a big one. It's 36-hundred square feet, with a fireplace, built-in cabinets, a bay window, two full bathrooms and walk-in closets. He estimates it's worth between 125- and 150-thousand dollars, not including the land it sits on.

One woman offered to buy it for 200-thousand, if Bassett would leave it in its place. But he said no. And, if he doesn't find a taker by July first, he says he will raze the structure.

Bassett says he needs more parking for the supermarket and gas station he owns next door.

It's estimated moving the house could cost up to 80-thousand dollars, depending on where it's going.

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