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Man Charged With Biting Wife!

PALM BAY, FL (AP) -- A Palm Bay man has been charged with biting his wife after she refused to wake up to cook dinner and hit him in the head with an unknown object. Christopher Hughey was charged with battery after his wife told police he attacked her.

According to police, Hughey told officers he tried to wake his wife by "gently rubbing her stomach." Hughey said he did that so she would get up to cook dinner.

The woman told police that she remained asleep and that Hughey became hostile. The report says Hughey was playing with their children some time later when his wife hit him in the head with an unknown object.

Hughey told police he then bit her on the shoulder, leaving a red bite mark. Hughey was taken to the Brevard County Jail and later released. He is scheduled to appear in court April 10th on the battery charge.

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