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Man Arrested For Breaking Into His Home!

(CBS) SACRAMENTO, Calif. A man is behind bars after he tried to kick a woman out of home that he owns. He was arrested for breaking into his own home and now he may be in jail for a long time.

Jaime Santos of Santos Tree Service in Sacramento, Calif. is facing some very serious charges. His family says he was only trying to protect his property but the tenant says he violated her rights.

Neighbors are not happy with Roanne or her friends. They want her off the block. She has been living in a shabby house on Tyler Street since December. She says the owner, Jaime Santos, agreed to let her stay here if she would clean up the place, In lieu of rent.

Jaime and his family wants Roanne out now because they say there is no written agreement, and she's nothing more than a squatter.

"I don't care what his family is saying. I got all kinds of family that'll tell you just the opposite," said Roanne.

It gets worse. According to police reports Jaime then broke-into his own house this week, stole property from Roanne and hit one of her friends with a pipe.

"He's a slime ball," said Roanne.

When Roanne was told that Jaime Santos is now in jail on felony charges, she had this reaction:

"Oh he got arrested? Ha, ha, ha," said Roanne.

It was confirmed to be Jaime's house but, according to California law the landlord can't just kick out a tenant without a 30 day notice. Jaime gave Roanne a three day notice.

"This (eviction notice) is a joke. $1,600 a month for one room. I'm so sure," said Roanne.
Neighbors are tired of seeing Roanne and her friends.

"We're trying to clean up the neighborhood. We're trying to take it back," said Don, a neighbor.

"Our neighborhood has always been a nice place and I want to keep it that way," said Connie, another neighbor.

There is nothing Jaime can do until Roanne is officially evicted through the court system. A verbal agreement is just as good as a written one. Jamie Santos will be in court facing home invasion robbery, burglary and assault with a deadly weapon charges.

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