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Low fat dining tips!

A lifestyle that includes healthy eating does not mean that you have to give up or abstain from the pleasurable experience of restaurant dining out.

Here are a few basic low fat dining tips:

* Choose restaurants that offer low fat or low cholesterol choices from the menu.
* Find several restaurants that will cater to your needs and make them your favorites. When you become a regular, you become special. Then you won't have to worry about what is in a dish every time you pop in for a meal. Don't forget to tip well when a waiter or waitress has "gone out of their way to help you".
* Ask to substitute salads, grilled vegetables or a baked potato to replace French fries, chips or other fat laden side dishes.
* Ask for any salad dressings or fatty sauces be served on the side. (You are the one in control of how much you add)
* Ask that cheese, butter or added oils be left off.
* If different size portions are offered, go for the smaller size or share an entree with a friend.
* Choose low cholesterol or low fat cooking methods. (Steamed, poached, grilled, baked, roasted, braised, boiled or au jus)
* Beware of dishes that are described with words like fried, creamed, in cheese sauce, scalloped, hollandaise, béarnaise, basted, sautéed, au gratin and anything that states "with or in butter".
* Do not be afraid to ask how the chef or kitchen prepares something or to make low fat special requests. Many chefs are stepping on the healthy eating bandwagon, so don't be timid. If they are health conscious, they will delight in telling you how they can still make low fat gourmet dishes that are tasty.
* If low fat salad dressings are not available, ask for lemon juice or vinegar. (Balsamic vinegar adds great flavor without a sour taste.)
* Limit the amount of butter, margarine, or olive oil used on bread, breadsticks or baked potatoes.
* Ask for mustard, salsa or low fat yogurt instead of mayonnaise, sour cream or butter.
* Ask for low fat milk for your coffee instead of cream.
* Substitute lower fat fruit desserts for pastries and cakes or try a light fruit sorbet.
* These condiments are ok:
o Salsa
o Cocktail sauce (be aware that it is high in sodium)
o Soy Sauce (be aware that it is high in sodium)
o Mustard
o Stone Ground Mustard
o Lemon
o Herbs and Spices
o Vinegar
o Ketchup
o Grated Parmesan Cheese (if used sparingly)
o Horseradish
* Skip these condiments and additions:
o Eggs
o Butter or Clarified Butter
o Margarine
o Real Bacon or Real Bacon Bits
o Cheese
o Hollandaise or White Sauce
o Regular Salad Dressings
o Sour Cream
o Cream Cheese (unless they state that it is low fat or Neufchatel
o Cream
o Whipped Cream

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