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Dad Uses Bow & Arrow To Remove Girl's Loose Tooth..Video!

(CBS4) WALTERBORO, SC A South Carolina man came up with a unique way to pull out his six-year old daughter’s loose tooth and the entire tooth pulling incident was caught on camera.

Paul Carden tied one end of a piece of dental floss to the little girl's tooth, tied the other end to an arrow and shot it out.
The daring feat actually took place 6 years ago but Carden sent the video to CNN just recently.

The network aired the video over the weekend and since then, it’s been spreading over the internet and news channels like wildfire.

Carden’s daughter, Whitney, is now in 5th grade. She was only 4 or 5 when the video was taken. Carden says it took three tries, but the third try was the charm as the camera caught the action as the tooth popped out.

She said the stunt didn't hurt, despite the fact that the tooth hit her lip on the way out.

That night, she put the tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy.

Carden says he wanted to pull another tooth out by attaching the string to a baited hook and going fishing, but his daughter did not go for that.

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