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Trio suspected of staging pricy panty raid!

(JERSEY CITY, NJ) - Police were trying to pick up the trail of three people suspected of staging a panty raid this week at a Victoria's Secret in Newport Center Mall.
The trio -- two men and a woman -- were able to thwart security sensors at the store because they used shopping bags lined with aluminum foil, known as "booster bags," police said.

A security camera at the store caught the heist, but not before the trio grabbed dozens of bras and women's panties from two display tables.

The Tuesday night heist netted nearly $12,000 in undergarments: $4,905 in bras and $6,821 in women's panties.

"That's a lot of underwear," police Lt. Edgar Martinez told The New York Times for Thursday newspapers.
Source: The World Wide Web!
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