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Man Must Display Victim's Picture And The Words "I'm Sorry I Killed You" In Home!

Bartow, FL --A Florida judge has ordered a man who pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide to display a large picture of the victim in his home.

The picture must be at least two-feet wide and displayed prominently. It must also include lettering that says, "I'm sorry I killed you."

Thirty-one-year-old Arthur Pierce has also been sentenced to two years in prison for the killing. Pierce was racing with his cousin on a busy street when they caused the accident that killed 17-year-old Chelsi Gregory.

The judge says Pierce's probation officer will be allowed to search his home at any time, and if the photograph is not displayed, it will be considered a probation violation.

An advocate for Mothers Against Drunk Driving requested the photo be part of Pierce's sentencing.

Associated Press
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