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Housewife convicted of frying husband!

SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) - Brazilian housewife was convicted and sentenced to 19 years in prison Friday for killing her husband, chopping his corpse into small pieces and frying it.

Rosanita Nery dos Santos, 52, was sentenced by Judge Casio Miranda in northeastern Bahia state after a 15-member jury found her guilty of killing retired police officer Jose Raimundo Soares dos Santos, court spokesman Francisco Ribeiro said.

Authorities said the killing occurred almost two years ago in Vila Sao Cosme, a lower middle-class neighborhood in the Bahia state capital of Salvador, 930 miles northeast of Sao Paulo.

"On June 23, 2005, Rosanita Nery dos Santos drugged her husband and stabbed him to death while he slept," Idmar Bonfim, a spokesman for the Salvador Civil Police Department said. "She then hacked his body into more than 100 pieces, which she boiled and fried before hiding them in plastic bags underneath the staircase of her house."

He said police discovered the body parts after receiving an anonymous phone call.

Bonfim said the killing was either part of a black magic ritual or an attempt "to get her hands on his life insurance money worth about 70,000 reals ($34,000)."

Citing testimony from the woman's relatives, he said she may have committed the crime "to avenge many years of humiliation from her husband." He did not provide further details.

Santos denied killing her husband but said she chopped up his body, Bonfim said.

"She claims masked assailants entered her house, killed her husband and then forced her to cut up the body and fry it because that would prevent the stench of a decomposing body from alerting neighbors."

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