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Dog Saves Owner From Choking!

(CBS) MARYLAND Man's best friend is woman's best friend in the case of a Maryland woman who says her beloved pet saved her life.

Debbie Parkhurst can hardly believe the story herself.

She was at home alone eating an apple when a piece got lodged in her windpipe. She started choking and tried to give herself the Heimlich maneuver.

"It didn't work at all,” Parkhurst said. “So I started beating on my chest and that's when Toby came."

Toby, the two-year-old 75-pound golden retriever she rescued from a dumpster when he was a puppy, returned the favor to his owner.

"He started jumping on my chest until the apple came out,” Parkhurst said. “Once the apple came out he crawled around and started licking my face."

Parkhurst doesn't know why Toby started pounding on her chest, but says she was beating on it trying to dislodge the food when he jumped on her.

"I don't think he was playing," she said.

The life-saving moment forged a bond between the two that Parkhurst says is stronger than ever.

"I was just sitting on the couch and I coughed, and he comes right in my face and I said, ‘I’m OK I’m OK!’," Parkhurst said.

She wants people to hear how Toby saved her life.

"It was the idea that if one person saw this and adopted a dog, especially a homeless dog, it'll make all the difference in the world," she said.

Parkhurst is still recovering. She's has serious bruising on her chest and stomach from Toby’s big paws, but knows she's lucky to be alive.

"They always say dogs leave paw prints on your heart, and he did!” Parkhurst said. “That's my joke! He left a paw print on my heart all right!"

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