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Bob woolmer is Dead!!!

In a new twist in the tale Bob Woolmer has been found dead. Initially he was found unconscious in his hotel room bathroom and some senior players rushed him to Kingston hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Details sketchy but this is too much, i hope this has got nothing to do with Pakistan's defeat yesterday.

The possibility of suicide not ruled out. Massive vomitting found in his room. The police are investigating the issue. The doctors who saw him say that the evidence points to a case of consumption of some dangerous substance.

Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan coach, has died din a Kington hospital after being found unconscious in his hotel room hours after his side's elimination from the World Cup. He was 58.

Although Woolmer played 19 Tests for England, it was as an international coach he really made his mark, first with South Africa and then, after a spell as the ICC's High Performance Manager, with Pakistan.

Born in India, Woolmer made his mark in a strong Kent side in the 1970s as an allrounder, a pugnacious middle-order batsman and medium-paced seamer. Although his England career was just getting started when he joined World Series Cricket, there were already signs that his early promise was not going to be fulfilled.

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