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World’s ‘longest’ tongue, clipped

Kochi: A man, whose tongue was about 13.5 cm long and 12 cm wide and claimed to be the longest in the world, was shortened by doctors in Kochi after a “rare surgery”.

An abnormal growth of blood vessels had caused an enlargement of the tongue and lips, due to which 44-year-old Suresh Kumar could not close his mouth properly, speak clearly or eat his food normally for the past 29 years, Dr Paul V Joseph, Maxillofacial surgeon and Dr Vinod B Nair, ENT surgeon, who performed the surgery said.

According to the 2007 edition of the Guinness World of Records the length of the biggest tongue recorded so far was 9.4 cm belonging to a British national Stephen Taylor, Joseph said. Doctors say Suresh suffered from hemangioma, a congential tumour of blood vessels, due to which his tongue was unusually large.

The surgical procedure lasted for over five hours. Suresh said “I am happy now that I will be able to lead a normal life”.

Source: Mumbai Mirror
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