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Mother buys school for son

Worcestershire: After nine schools failed to meet the needs of her dyslexic son, Annabel Goodman was delighted to finally find one that did.

But just a month after enrolling her son Jacob, 13, at the small independent school she found it was to shut because of financial troubles.

It was then that she decided to take the extraordinary step of buying the school herself in order to save it from closure.

The 35-year-old barrister has set up a limited company to manage the New Elizabethan School in Worcestershire and cover its £120,000-a-year running costs.

Miss Goodman, who is a single mother of two, said she felt taking personal control was the only way to guarantee that Jacob – who is also mildly autistic and has a spelling age of eight – receives the education he deserves.

“Jacob has been in a state school for the last couple of years,” Miss Goodman said. “They have been very supportive but it was a comprehensive school and there were 1,200 children there with 30 pupils in the smallest classes.

“Staff were totally under-resourced, under-funded and although they tried very hard to deal with Jacob’s special needs, they were simply unable to do so.

“The system is confused and too time consuming if you need to get help for your child. You have to cajole to be heard. Even if you shout loudly you are very unlikely to get what your child needs.”

She said it was unusual to find an independent school that tried to unlock the potential of pupils.

Source: Mumbai Mirror
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