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Man persuades new wife to go in for plastic surgery

Chongqing: A Chinese man has persuaded his new wife to have plastic surgery to make her look like his first wife.

Zhao Gang, 32, from Chongqing city, lost his first wife in a car smash three years ago, reports Chongqing Business News.

"I recovered after staying in hospital for half a year and I wish I could have died with her," he said.

About six months ago, under pressure from his parents, Zhao Gang got married to his new wife.

"I got married only because she looks a bit like her and I want to have a chance to make up for my mistakes," says Zhao.

His new wife agreed to plastic surgery, after a lot of persuading.

"I feel conflicted. I don't want to become another's shadow, but I also don't want to lose the family. Now I only hope the surgery will not make me look ugly," she said.

Zhao added: "Maybe it's more or less unfair to her, but she has agreed and I will embrace her with all my love."

However, Zhang Lianfeng, director of plastic surgery at Chongqing People's Hospital, is insisting the couple undergo psychological consultation first.

"Plastic surgery is not the best way to sustain a relationship and the surgery can't make two people look exactly the same," he said.

Source: Mumbai Mirror
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